Key projects


(2011-2012) “Development of the web-based production-research center in dynamics and it’s application” (Federal targeted program “Research and development on priority directions of scientific-technological complex in Russia in 2007-2013 ”)
(2011) “Using of ICT in Tomskaya obl. Government: Sociological Research” (Tomsk Administration)
(2011) “Regions eGovernment Architecture Development” (Regions targeted program “Innovations Development in the Voronezh Region”)
(2010-2011) Developing of master’s program “Governmental information systems Management“ (with the National Research University support)
(2010) “Information Society and eGovernment Development Index of the Russian Federation” (Minkomsvyaz & Rostelecomm, Federal targeted program “Electronic Russia”)
(2009-2011) “eGovernment Development Index at the regional level of the Russian Federation”(with the support of The Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation)
(2010-2011) “Using of ICT in St. Petersburg Government: Sociological Research” (with the support of The St. Petersburg Government)
(2009) “Development of the bank of the best e-Gov practices case studies“ data base (with the support of the National Research University Program)
(2009) “Standardization and dissemination of approaches to improve IT-skills of civil servants in terms of e-government development“ by the order of the Federal Agency for Education (Federal targeted program “Electronic Russia”.)