eGovernment Center


About the Center

eGovernment Center was founded in May 2009 on the base of National Research University of Information
technologies, mechanics and optics (ITMO) with the purpose to concentrate intellectual and organizational
resources to solve problems and develop and disseminate e-government solutions in Russia.

Strategic objectives

Scientific and methodological support of the national system of governance based on the application of
best international practice
Preparation of highly skilled professionals in developing and implementing of e-government technologies.
Creating favorable conditions for the successful creation and dissemination of advanced e-government

Our services

eGovernment Center provides a variety of information, analytical, consulting and education services for local
- Information Service – regular production and distribution of of collections of information and analytical
materials on the topics of eGovernment and Information Society development.
- Sociological research “ICT usage in administrations”.
- Conducting researches on methods for effective e-government development.
- Consulting services in the practical improvement of administrative processes and the transfer of state and
municipal services in an electronic form.
- Educational services include a variety of full-time and distance learning programs
improvement “eGovernment and innovation governmental technologies” , as well as 2-year master's
program “Management of Governmental information systems”.

All services are provided with support and participation of experts of the e-Development Partnership in the
North-West of Russia (